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About BAM/PFA NetArt

In this online gallery we bring you an experimental work of Internet art, 24/7, accessible from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. The sun never sets on BAM/PFA NetArt.

BAM/PFA NetArt is a showcase for the full range of this evolving and maturing art form, from the iconic works and veteran artists of the mid-1990s to later generations of net artists who are creating some of the most compelling and critical art of our era. Each online exhibition will feature an audio interview that lets the artist talk over your shoulder as you experience their art.

Unlike an exhibition in a bricks-and-mortar gallery, once a NetArt exhibition concludes, it does not disappear; instead, it becomes part of the open-source NetArt archive, the old always accessible alongside the new.

As milk trucks clatter through the pre-dawn streets and donut shops unfurl their awnings, BAM/PFA NetArt is hard at work. Open your eyes, log on, and meet the art of tomorrow.

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